Jiggs Dinner

  • O’Reilly’s Pub (Friday-Sunday)
  • Caine’s Grocery & Deli (takeaway, not daily)
  • The Big R
  • Rustler’s Family Restaurant (Sunday)
  • Mount Pearl Big Stop (Sunday)
  • Broderick’s Pub
  • Smitty’s Family Restaurant
  • The Celtic Hearth – Jiggs dinner pie

NL Specialities

  • Shamrock City (moose burgers)
  • Bridie Molloy’s/The Celtic Hearth (moose, cod tongues, cod au gratin)
  • Rustler’s Family Restaurant (cod tongues, pan-fried cod)
  • The Big R (Jiggs, cod tongues)
  • The Guv’nor Pub (cod au gratin, cod tongues, pan-fried cod, fishcakes, moose burgers)
  • O’Reilly’s Pub (cod au gratin, fishcakes, cod tongues, moose)
  • The Duke of Duckworth (cod au gratin, fishcakes, pan-fried cod, cod chowder, cold plate)
  • Exile (moose burgers)
  • Caine’s Grocery & Deli (Jiggs, cold plates)
  • Chafe’s Landing (moose, cod tongues, fishcakes, lobster, pan-fried cod, fish & brewis, snow crab)

Finer Fare

  • Mallard Cottage
  • The Merchant Tavern
  • Terre
  • Basho
  • Portage

Lighter Fare

  • Rocket Bakery
  • The Sprout
  • Hungry Heart Cafe
  • The Rooms Cafe
  • The Newfoundland Embassy


  • Peaceful Loft
  • Namjim
  • India Gate
  • LIV

Breakfast & Brunch

  • The Bagel Cafe
  • Mallard Cottage
  • Bernard Stanley Gastropub
  • Classic Cafe East

Coffee Shops

  • Bannerman Brewing
  • The Battery Cafe
  • Terre Cafe
  • Toslow

Gluten Free

  • The Newfoundland Embassy
    • pizza, garlic fingers, chicken wings, nachos, spinach & Mexican dips are all GF
  • The Ship Pub
    • Fish cakes can be made GF
  • The Duke of Duckworth
    • French fries are cooked in a dedicated fryer and are GF
  • Nourish Bakery – Gluten Free & Celiac Friendly Bakery
  • Peaceful Loft
    • Many items can be made GF and they have a full menu
  • Portage
    • Very accommodating with many GF options
  • Bad Bones Ramen
  • Cojones Tacos
  • Gingergrass