If you’ve been researching a trip to Newfoundland, you’ve probably come across the Screech-In ceremony. If you’re wondering if you should take part…yes b’y, giver! The main question is, where to get Screeched-In in St. John’s?

Our top recommendation for where to get Screeched-In in St. John’s is Christian’s Pub on George Street.

Their 30 minute ceremony is a full on show and Skipper Lukey performs each and every ceremony with dignity and pride. It’s important to us to not pander to certain Newfoundland stereotypes and we really appreciate his take on the Screech-In. Plus, it’s where Anthony Bourdain was Screeched-In and if it was good enough for him, it’s good enough for us.

Christian's Pub

What does it mean to get Screeched-In?

A Screech-In is the Newfoundland tradition where we get Come From Aways (CFAs, aka non-Newfoundlanders) to say a little something, kiss a little something, and drink a little something in order to bestow upon them the title of Honourary Newfoundlander.

There’s no hard and fast rule for the content of a Screech-In ceremony nor the order of events. In some you may kiss a puffin instead of a cod, while in others you may have to eat some “Newfie steak” (bologna). In all cases though, only a native Newfoundlander can officiate proper a Screech-In ceremony.

What is the origin of Screech in Newfoundland?

Newfoundland Screech is a popular rum originating from Newfoundland, boasting a robust 40% alcohol by volume. The term “screech” is a colloquial expression that has historically encompassed various inexpensive, high-alcohol spirits, including moonshine. By incorporating this term into the brand name, this moderately-priced rum seeks to establish a connection with this rich tradition.

This distinctive rum, imported from Jamaica, is meticulously blended and bottled by the Newfoundland and Labrador Liquor Corporation, which has maintained its bottling operations unlike similar entities in other provinces. As a result, Newfoundland Screech is readily available not only within Newfoundland but also in liquor stores across Canada. Its popularity has even extended to distribution in New England.